IKO Armourvent Multi and Multi Plus are ventilation systems that provide you a fabulous roof without visible appliances.

IKO Armourvent Ridge Plus is designed to ensure a smooth straight roofline; thanks to its internal baffle system, it keeps out rain, snow, leaves and insects.

Armourvent Standard is a plastic and large size vent allowing a high degree of ventilation. 

Armourvent Special is a trendy vent in plastic designed in such a way that they are hardly noticeable on a shingle roof. 

The Airhawk Turbinevent is used for ventilating large roof surface. It is an all aluminium construction with maintenance-free top.

IKO The Shingles Expert offers several types of ventilation. The use of ventilation is highly recommended.


On all pitches, IKO recommends that an underlayment must be used underneath the roof shingles.

IKO Armourbase ECO Underlayment is an economical, good quality underlay and comes with 50 m on a roll.


IKO Armourbase PRO Underlayment is the favorite underlayment amongst roofers.
It is a light weight bitumen polyester based underlayment covered with a polypropylene film on both sides.

IKO Armourbase Pro PLUS is a modern and flexible bituminous roof underlayment with bituminous strips for adhesion of overlapping.
Thanks to these self-adhesive overlaps , one does NOT have to overlap by 50% at low slope (15-20°):
in other words saving money and time!

IKO Armourbase STICK underlayment with superb self adhesive properties in combination with its extreme lightness (only 450 g/ m2) 
favours the application in comparison with other thicker and heavier underlayments. It is the top product underlayment in the range.

IKO The Shingles Expert offers different underlayments:
bitumen saturated felt used beneath roofing to provide additional (water) protection for your roof deck.

On all pitches, IKO recommends that an underlayment must be used underneath the roof shingles.

IKO Armourbase Thermo AD is an aesthetical solution
for low sloped roofs in:

  • OSB (min. 4° - max. 15°) 

  • or concrete (min. 4° - max. 45°) 

with a secure concept system, finished with IKO shingles.


Mastic is an important product to use during application of roof shingles.


This Starterstrip is especially designed as a tight base for your Cambridge Xpress or Cambridge Xtreme 9.5° roof. You can save precious time on this accessory.


Armourvalley is used in roof valleys and is a high quality APP modified roll finished with ceramic-coated granules that perfectly match the colours of IKO roof shingles.

IKO Base is an underlay for IKO Armourvalley, when used on low slope roof areas (<15°)


No shingles roof without nails. IKO offers hot galvanised extra-large head professional steel wire roofing nails, available in 4 lengths: 20, 25, 30 and 35 mm. 

Be faster and save time and money! The roofer applies shingles 10 times (!) faster with a nailgun filled with coiled nails in comparison with loose nails.
IKO supports fast roofers and offers coiled nails from BOSTITCH available in 2 lengths: 25 and 31 mm.

Hips & Ridges

Be sure that you order the rectangular roof shingles from the same shingle range in matching colours to cover hips and ridges, when installing rounded biber/beaver shaped roof shingles on your roof (Superglass-Biber, Victorian PLUS, Biber-Shield)