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How to apply IKO Roof Shingles
Application IKO roof shingles - How to apply IKO Roof Shingles in a correct way? Read the professional details in this manual. Full of tips & tricks & how-to's.
How many shingles do I need?
Easy tool to calculate how many shingles and accessories you would need for your roof. Insert the roof data you have measured and find out the needed quantities. Print out the document and request your offer with our IKO distributor
Basic Online Training (Roofers)
12 modules on how to do the roof job correctly. Basic online training video for roofers who want to know how to apply roof shingles in a correct manner.
Road Description Plant
Find your way to our plant in Slovakia or Belgium. Printable Road Description PDF. For you or your transport company.
Want Expert Roof Knowledge? Download this guide
IKO, the Shingles Expert wants to share this valuable roof shingles knowledge with you. Here are the first 9 chapters for you as a FREE DOWNLOAD.