Cambridge Xtreme 9,5°

Cambridge Xtreme 9,5° - Cambridge Xtreme 9,5° - Amazon Green (43)
Cambridge Xtreme 9,5° - Amazon Green (43)

Cambridge Xtreme 9,5°

Let’s cut to the chase: Cambridge Xtreme 9.5° is the best choice when it comes to a perfect architectural shingles roof. This dimensional shingle has it all: an exclusive architectural look and feel, an impressive minimum slope, a wide range of roof shapes, extreme safety for your house,.. 

Cambridge Xtreme 9.5° is the ideal roof solution for many projects. Whether you are planning to build a “simple” (residential) house or a more distinguished architectural building project like a modern mall or an exclusive hotel, this roof shingle serves each purpose.

Product data

Roof Shingle length (according to norm EN544) 1038 mm (± 3)
Roof Shingle width (according to norm EN544) 349 mm (± 3)
Weight ± 11,8 kg/m²
Coverage/bundle  3,10 m²
Roof Shingles/bundle 20
Bundles/Pallet 45
Granule adhesion (EN 12039) max. 1,2 g
Tensile length* (EN 12311-1) 800 N/50 mm
Tensile width* (EN 12311-1)      550 N/50 mm
Elongation length + width (EN 12311-1) 3,5%
Nail tear resistance (EN 12311-1) 130 N
External fire performance BroofT1
Reaction to fire                class E
Declaration of Performance (DOP)
Platinum warranty 15 years
Total warranty - warranty system 30 years

Xtreme roof slope = 9,5° (!) right up to 90°

Until a while ago, roof shingles have only been recommended for roof slopes between a minimum of 15° and a maximum of 85°. Cambridge Xtreme 9.5° easily exceeds this minimum roof slope by more than an impressive 35%! Unlike other roofing materials, often limited to a minimum slope of 15°, Cambridge Xtreme 9.5° can be installed on roofs of 9,5° (!). As for the maximum slope, this top of the range self-adhesive shingle can even be applied on vertical walls! So Cambridge Xtreme 9.5° opens up a whole new universe of possibilities on sloped roofs: from as low as 9,5° (!) right up to 90°. No more limits for your architectural building projects!

Calculate how many shingles and accessories you need for your next project!

Suitable for all roof shapes

This wide reach of roof slope also means that a lot of different roof shapes can be covered with Cambridge Xtreme 9.5°: from a simple gable roof to a classy mansard roof, from a gabel roof to a curved turret, from a dormer roof to a façade. Thanks to its maximum slope of 90°, you can even cover a wall with Cambridge Xtreme 9.5°, resulting in a unique style for your contemporary building project.

Impressive resistance to wind driven rain

Thanks to its self - adhesive character, this strong and durable dimensional shingle withstands the most severe wind driven rain. Cambridge Xtreme 9.5° was tested by the KIWA-BDA Institute Netherlands and exceeds the CEN/TR 15601:2012 norm. This norm stipulates a resistance to wind blowing at 47 km/h and rain falling with 89 mm/h. This is an extreme situation that occurs only once per 50 years in Europe (according to the BRE Institute). Cambridge Xtreme 9.5° even registered a perfect resistance to winds blowing at 61 km/h and rain falling with 120 mm/h. Safe to say that Cambridge Xtreme is the safe roofing choice when it comes to extreme weather situations.

Cambridge Xtreme 9,5° is the safest solution for any building project! This impressive resistance and extreme slope aren’t the only reason why Cambridge Xtreme 9,5° is the best option for your building project. The bigger size of shingle (comparable with Cambridge Xpress) contributes to a fast installation and with its 7 natural colours it fits every roof style.

Your advantage with this exceptional Cambridge Xtreme 9.5° roof shingle:

  • Xtreme slope: ≥ 9,5° (!) / ≤ 90°
  • Xtreme resistance to high wind & heavy rain - No other shingle offers better resistance to wind driven rain in extreme weather conditions (storm, hail). Tested and approved in KIWA-BDA Institute Netherlands 2014
  • Xtreme unique: the world’s first self-adhesive laminated shingle

Will IKO Cambridge Xtreme 9,5° resist wind driven rain?

Discover in this film how well Cambridge Xtreme 9,5° can resist high winds and rain at the same time (Wind driven rain test).

Additional Wind Tunnel Test (without winddriven rain)

This video shows you the self-adhesive, high quality roof shingle during two impressive tests in a windtunnel.

  1. A normal roof slope of 25° easily resists high speed winds of 200km/h. 
  2. An Xtreme low slope of 9,5° also passed the test. The maximum wind speed of the turbine (216 km/h) could not blow away Cambridge Xtreme 9,5° roof shingles.


Application instructions

Easy application (for professional roofers):

  1. Base is a wooden or concrete underdeck construction with a waterproof IKO underlayment.
  2. Apply roof shingles with IKO nails.
  3. You would need +/- 35 pc/m². Valley, hips and ridges are easy to install without purchasing a huge range of extra accessories.
  4. Use Superglass 3TAB shingles to cover hips and ridges.
  5. Foresee solid insulation and also good ventilation for an optimal and long-lasting roof - improving heating and cooling costs.

Eaves, rakes, walls, chimneys, roof windows, etc. require metal flashings.